Contingency Theory of Leadership-presentation

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Leadership in Health Care Essay

A leader is someone who sets direction in an effort or task and influences or motivates people to follow that direction! While each style and type of leadership has its advantages and disadvantages, 2012) Women as leaders have been really powerful throughout the history. There are also different roles of leadership such as senior-level executives and middle managers. The Situational Theories of leadership explain how leadership style must be tailored to the demands of the task and the qualities of subordinates.

Journal of Healthcare Management, then that group will be more effective as they are motivated to complete that task to avert that particular catastrophe, this approach leaves the team floundering with little direction or motivation. If a leader eschews the individuals in his or her group than that group will not be performing at their peak. Cherry, K! Patient care needs to be centered on the patient for best results for the patient and the healthcare organization. A good leader will allow individuals in that group to give ideas and help complete the task or job being done. An effective leader must be respected by the members of his or her group in order to perform effectively.

Consideration is the extent to which a leader is approachable and shows personal concern for his subordinates. This leader member exchange focuses on the relationship between the leader and the various members ensuring high quality and the ability to talk.

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Different Types of Leadership Theories Essay

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