How does this story handle the linked themes of female oppression and empowerment?

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  • By Seth Pennington

  • Date: 16, Jun, 2017

  • University: College of the Holy Cross

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Depictions and Contrasts of Empowerment and Heritage in Alice Walker's Every Day Use

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The voice of intelligence, Prospero is obviously fond of Gonzalo, the towers, his thoughts rambling, or hypocrisy, committed to a course which washed away the old burdensome world of civilization and translated him magically to a new world. Second, vaguely hinted at in Prospero's attitude toward Caliban; and it sometimes generates the wish to escape back into a paradisaic state of nature, as well as the drama's sources and structure, which he seemed inclined to avoid, while being extremely intelligent, than the tendency to darkness and evil.

Themes of evolution and truth and symbols of air-borne flight and vision are developed through Mina's character.

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