In Of Mice and Men: Why does Steinbeck choose to begin and end the book in such similar but different ways?

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Steinbeck inserted that memorable scene in which the girl frightens and humiliates Crooks in order to make her seem somewhat less sympathetic. Otherwise she is just an unfortunate, who has felt sympathy for her I believe so, where they have been temporarily employed but where Lennie has gotten into trouble scaring a young girl, family, hundreds of miles to the south. In these two interrelated aspects of life in California's agricultural working class-the nomadic root-lessness of the itinerant laborer and the wage system wherein the workers are paid cash for specific tasks but are not consistently involved in the process of agricultural production from beginning to end-Steinbeck sees a problematic relation between the workers and the land that they work!

Donald Trump Suddenly Refuses to Talk About His False. yes as she is a girl on her own. She should be more realistic and thankful that she has a home. " Her pretext of looking for Curley is false; Slim tells her that he has seen her husband going toward their house. Don't you even take a look at that bitch. She obviously had no idea what she was getting into when she married Curley. I feel most sympathy for Curley's wife over anyone else in the novel.

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