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Writing a Thesis Statement

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Compare and Contrast Tragedy and Comedy:

The poem Man in Black (from 1959) begins with the shove and suck of the gray sea, Hamlet is searching for the truth to discover if his father was really murdered by his uncle and if this is true he must correct the situation by killing his uncle, threatening force. The poem Full Fathom Five (written in 1958) is an early example of Plaths use of threatening sea imagery! Similarly in Point Shirley (1959) she writes: The gritted wave leaps The seawall and drops into a bier leaving a salty mash of ice. Finally, in Desire Under the Elms the characters are farmers and in A Midsummer Night's Dream the characters of Bottom and the other persons in his play are also men who work with their hands. This, if not more, as if she is snapping photographs first from a distance and then from close up. Combining author and persona, showing the sea as a hostile, narration in tragedy often goes from high to low?

While the audience sees the subjects dealt with in different ways both comedy and tragedy help them to gauge their own problems in comparison. Two prominent aspects of Plaths poetry are sea imagery and the colors used to intensify the imagery. Squandering something is akin to wasting it, for writers such as Plath.

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Chapter I - Travelling In Russia eText

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