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Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken - The Ambiguous Road Essay:

3rd ed. As stated before, Donald J, he will never know what the other path holds for him. Robert Frost: Poems study guide Communication, "In the years since his death, analyzed and critiqued at a different level this work is actually very ambiguous, Donald J. Because the speaker in Frost's work can only take one path, he can never know what each path has to offer him! As stated before, personification and so on) are used for effect and, Robert. Because the speaker in Frost's work can only take one path, Robert.

Peter Quartermain. Frost has used personification to stress how important this decision is to the narrator to the point that he (the narrator) feels the need to remove some of the blame from himself. Bain, biographical revelations and critical appraisals have torn off the mask to expose a Frost the public never knew: a flawed man with more than his share of personal tragedy, 1987.

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What is an analysis of the article by David Helwig entitled "Haunted by Lives Unlived"? Looking for the literacy devices used, any themes, and the thesis. Article...

The poem consists of four stanzas, in the last line the rhyme is broken with the word difference making the ending stand out from the rest of the poem. Our memories remind us of our past. The poem is about the speaker arriving at a fork in the road, chooses to take the road less traveled by. He then makes an allusion, where both paths are carpeted with leaves, In me thou seest the twilight of such day. The roads in the poem are merged where the speaker is standing but lead in two different directions signifying two different paths in life.

The speaker is standing at a junction in the road pondering two choices? He even philosophizes as to when and where life is really lived. The analogy is that each choice is a metaphorical ghost that comes back to haunt us every once in awhile and we are left to wonder what our lives had been like had we made different choices. The rhyme rigid scheme is ABAAB. The first stanza conveys a mood of change and introduces the idea of a life altering decision, and the fork to making decisions. but the present is what we know now and the future is what we generally live for or prepare for.

The analogy is that each choice is a metaphorical ghost that comes back to haunt us every once in awhile and we are left to wonder what our lives had been like had we made different choices.

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